Business is one of the most unpredictable things people can delve into. Entrepreneurship is something that comes. Naturally, there is no encyclopedia for a business that can help set up the business. It is the right kind of branding and honest and accurate merchandising that can help establish a successful business. Building business is not possible in a day; you need to put in lots of efforts and keep track of your own business along with the competitor’s strategies so that the business can become successful.

The apparel industry is one of the fastest growing industries. It changes on nearly daily basis. Fashions trends grow overnight, and therefore, the fashion brands need to be on their toes so that they can compete right and establish a name for themselves. Many trends pick up on social media, and that is one place where the apparel companies should keep a strong watch out. The fashion industry keeps the apparel industry ticking. Therefore, a business needs to be aware of the terminologies and various other details so that they can work in a perfect way possible. Some of the most common terminologies that are used in the apparel merchandising are:

  • AIRWAY BILL: It is an agreement between the air carrier and the exporter.
  • APPLIQUE: It involves stitching of extra fabric on the clothes to add extra beauty or design to it. It is one of the most modern designs in fashion now a days.
  • ALLOWANCE: This is extra cloth piece added when taking measurements for stitching clothes. The amount more than the required measurement is known as allowance.
  • AQL: This is the short form for Acceptance Quality Level. This is the minimum standard of quality that has to be maintained.
  • BACK TO BACK L/C: When a permission is granted to import raw materials from a country and then a finished product is made using those raw materials. Once the product has been created the commodity is exported back to the country where the raw materials were purchased from.
  • C&F: This is known as Cost and Freight. When the bill displays the cost incurred in transporting the goods then the system being used is known as C&F pricing system.
  • CM: This is the short form for cost of making. The makings could include trimming, cutting, pasting of decorative items or button. This indicates the cost incurred and is considered a variable cost.
  • COLOR BLEEDING: Color bleeding is a term that is used when a particular color from the cloth diffuses into the other colors or leaves patches. This results due to cheap dye and colors.

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